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AI progress Cruiser Command (Warcraft 3) Empty AI progress Cruiser Command (Warcraft 3)

Post  TKF on Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:09 am

Hello, I noticed a sudden increase of activity here. It's fun to see that many finds CC SC2 interesting. Also the support for multirealm play. I don't have SC2 so I cannot check out the map. But I saw a video on Youtube and noticed it seems fast paced. I don't know the AI support in SC2 ver of CC, but I think its same challenge there.

Unfortunately this is only good news for WC3 players.

I've been working several weeks with an AI for WC3 version of CC, since many players hated mining and doing refining tasks, I decided to take up the challenge. So far I made support role of AI. Next challenge is combat AI which is difficult since players responds very fast since boarding in my version the AI is very weak against boarding party. But AI is the most difficult thing I've done to be honest, especially the complex priority issue where humans make better choices, AI is hard to make it flexible. So far a AI controlled team is a far dream.

Drones Robot AI has been improved as a result.

AI has 3 AI subroutines which can be toggled to change role. Miner AI, Refinery AI and Missile Loader AI
Only supports the human players. At least they can make a game with less players enjoyable and makes 1v1 and 2v2 possible.

Current AI Capabilities
  • Pilot Miner AI
  • Performing Refining tasks
  • Missile Loading
  • Using Repair Matrixes and First Aid kits

Lacking AI capabilities
  • Cannot control the cruiser
  • Cannot use the fighter
  • Cannot engage in close combat
  • Cannot make any engineering tasks (creating items and upgrades)

Unfortunately I'm do not used to SC2 editor, otherwise I could have helped Siretu with this.

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AI progress Cruiser Command (Warcraft 3) Empty Re: AI progress Cruiser Command (Warcraft 3)

Post  Siretu on Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:14 am

No offense, but something we really wanted to improve on from Cruiser Command in Warcraft 3 was AI. Now, I haven't played it on WC3 for a while and I'm pretty sure it's much better now than when I played, but it used to steal all my merculite and it was quite frustrating.

AI in SC2 Cruiser Command works differently from how it used to work in WC3, but from your description now, it sounds like they're becoming pretty similar. Drones are general and not specialized on a specific task. You can change the order of the drone to make it switch between the different jobs. Kind of like your subroutines, by the sound of it.

I've also dreamt about an AI controlled team but for me it is also just a dream.

In SC2, this is the current status:
Current AI capabilities:
Mining AI
Missile Loading

Planned AI capabilities:
Pinging in nav console
Automatic defense with the weapons console using the laser weapon.

It's worth mentioning that some of the current AI capabilities might be broken due to the new terrain and that the mining AI is pretty bad and bugged due to the complexity of the ship navigation implementation in my version.

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