Debris, Destroyers, Corvettes, Kermeculite

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Debris, Destroyers, Corvettes, Kermeculite Empty Debris, Destroyers, Corvettes, Kermeculite

Post  Lady-Natalya on Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:23 pm

So it really helps that debris doesn't block repair kit spawn anymore, but it still totally screws people over if it spawns on the refine and they can't afford a repair kit. In a game I just played we messed up the enemy bc in the first fight, but we left the area to repair and stuff and get more upgrades, etc. Anyway, we didn't know it but the other team couldn't refine anything and they had no money for a repair kit so like we wasted their lives by not just killing them. Maybe it would be good if there was a way for marines to get rid of debris? Like maybe they can shoot it to kill it or mine it or something? You can make this process very slow and tedious to encourage buying the repair kit, but I realize that an alternative to the repair kit is necessary or else you're going to have to make a bunch of areas not have debris spawn on them. Or maybe there could be a blink-like ability for the marine that costs the BC energy when you use it that lets the marine jump over debris (like if say the refining area never gets blocked, but it was totally surrounded by debris) or whatever in case there is just a crap ton of it on the ship. Another alternative is to slowly let the marine mine it for some small amount of yellow, but they have to work a long time to mine a piece of debris, at least 10 seconds per piece.

As for Destroyers, Hopeinmo suggested that they be able to load and fire missiles or something to make them more useful.

Corvettes might be cooler if they have a ping ability that shows enemy support units (wraith, destroyer, other corvette, chomper) but does not show miners or the BC.

The random flying Kermeculite asteroids are cool and I like them in the game, but as long as they are out, even if you mine the first Kermeculite spawn the ping for it remains until the flying asteroids get mined or destroyed. You should make it so the spawning Kermeculite can respawn once the spawned Kermeculite has been mined, so it ignores the flying asteroids.

The debris and kermeculite situations are the only ones that need a remedy IMO, the other stuff is just random ideas.

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Debris, Destroyers, Corvettes, Kermeculite Empty Re: Debris, Destroyers, Corvettes, Kermeculite

Post  carnay on Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:24 am

for corvettes i think that their shield should not reflect 100% the BC laser, for al other things it is ok i think, maybe a type of ping would be cool yes.

for destroyer i dont know what but yes, it need a give it misiles like said above or a new type spell Smile maybe a Siege type weapon ?


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