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Global play and publishing Empty Global play and publishing

Post  Siretu on Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:30 am now supports global play and publishing. This means that you can play on other servers easily and you don't even have to repurchase SC2.

All you have to do is create a Regions.xml file in your Starcraft 2 folder with the following contents:

   <region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_SG_REGION" hostname="sg"
      allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="enSG"/>
   <region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_US_REGION" hostname="us"
      allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="enUS"/>
   <region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_EU_REGION" hostname="eu"
      allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="enGB"/>
   <region displayname="AUTHENTICATION_KR_REGION" hostname="kr"
      allowedProductLocales="all" localesThatDefaultToThisRegion="koKR"/>

Credits to Ahli634 on SC2Mapster for finding this.

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