Miner ability - Grapling hook

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Miner ability - Grapling hook Empty Miner ability - Grapling hook

Post  madman on Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:36 pm

Kerm is not really that hard to get but if miners could latch on to moving asteroids or ships it could be fun.

How it could work: A miner latches on to an object for 10 seconds and can't release untill the 10 secs have passed but in this time if it cuts the engines it can mine any asteroid in range like normal ( or the asteroid it's latched on to ) in the mean time the miner is dragged by the object whitout afecting it's momentum

Cool trick: enemy wraith near but no energy to jump... latch on to an ally and he can help you escape ( miner can jump , wraith can use boosters - both getting you out fast )

Another cool trick: if the miner jumps while tethered it can pull the object that it's tethered to.... reason: wraith catches you... you latch on to the wraith , you pull it to your bc Smile)


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